An idyllic garden paradise at Mulberry Court

Mulberry Court: apartments for independent retirement living with the garden of your dreams

Oct 5, 2020

“More than ever before, property buyers, particularly down sizers, are recognizing that having a private, tranquil haven outdoors is important: for their emotional wellbeing, to give them the space they need to mix safely with friends and family, and somewhere to move and exercise.”

Picturesque outdoor spaces are fast becoming one of the most valuable and desirable assets for prospective buyers and – with searches for housing with a garden up 42% on the previous year –the trend shows no sign of abating. Beyond that, as a society we’re increasingly beginning to understand the ways that being close to green space, plants and trees and indeed gardening as a hobby, can improve mental health and reduce stress.

It’s in this context that when we began work on Mulberry Court, our development for independent retirement living, designing the right outdoor space was just as important to us as the design for the building. We wanted to create the kind of environment that had everything buyers would want to enjoy the new chapter of life that retirement brings. To this end, we sought out a partnership with Exterior Architecture, garden designers with a stellar reputation, to create the perfect landscape setting for our apartments for independent retirement living. Having first encountered the Exterior Architecture team’s impressive work at The Chelsea Flower Show in 2019, we were drawn to their attention to detail and the value they placed on enabling people to connect with the natural world.

To give you a glimpse of what to expect when Mulberry Court’s new gardens are complete, we wanted to share an outline of the design the team at Exterior Architecture has created for us.


Exterior Architects vision for Mulberry Court centred around creating a series of garden ‘rooms’, each conceived for a different purpose, from social activity to quiet contemplation. The tone of each room is enhanced with carefully chosen planting and the thoughtful use of hard landscaping.

From the outset, in our discussions with the Exterior Architecture team we agreed that it was important to draw on the history of the site, and the design uses existing features from the gardens first laid out on the site for the original Victorian housing stock to shape the new landscape and provide a living connection to the story of this beautiful corner of Hampton Wick.

The team took as a starting point for their design the existing Victorian garden walls, using them to structure and shape the garden ‘rooms.’ By creating apertures in the walls in key locations they have made sure there will be long views across the garden as whole, which draw the eye to interesting features and details. The new layout retains and celebrates the beautiful Grotto – formerly a place of prayer for the religious order who resided here – adding in a water feature to enhance its original purpose, creating a tranquil space for reflection. The design team have thought carefully about planting in every area of the garden, beyond creating a visual display, they have chosen plants for their beautiful scent, and a range of species to celebrate the changing seasons, so there is always something to delight the senses, throughout the year.

The rooms

There are six individual garden rooms, each with its own character, designed for Mulberry Court home owners to use and enjoy. This is a landscape that is not just beautiful to look at, but one with practical purpose, designed with the needs and lifestyle of those who will live here in mind. A stroll through the garden will be a feast for the senses, as you explore…

The Welcome Garden where a colourful wildflower meadow will change with the seasons, and the raised water table which will create a sense of serenity, draws your eye onwards deeper into the garden.

Next, the Social Garden, the heart of Mulberry Court’s outdoor space designed to entice you outside to spend time with friends, with space for outdoor dining, shaded in summer by climbing plants, and the lawn where you can relax with neighbours or organise your own events.

The Contemplation Garden is a peaceful retreat with lush planting around the original Grotto. This will be a soothing environment where you’ll find sculpture, a water feature and a circular, cloister-like walking route along with abundant wildflower planting and mature trees. There are pockets of seating all around the garden, the perfect spot for a quiet moment.

In the Kitchen Garden, Mulberry Court homeowners will have the opportunity to get their hands dirty, with raised planter beds to grow herbs, salad and vegetables and a potting table and shed for owners to get together with green-fingered neighbours.

The Activity Garden is a lawned area perfect for owners to use however they please: for outdoor exercise classes, or perhaps fun and games with visiting grandchildren, and in the Eco Zone there will biodiverse planting to support a range of wildlife habitats.

With six distinct yet cohesive spaces that blend together as one, this garden is designed to reflect your mood; whether you’re searching for a sanctuary of calm, an outdoor exercise studio or a venue for your drinks party, you will find what you need.

Want to know more?

More than ever as we make adjustments to living with COVID, property buyers, particularly down sizers, are recognizing that having a private, tranquil haven outdoors with their new home is so important, for their emotional wellbeing, to give them the space they need to mix safely with friends and family, and somewhere to move and exercise.

A shared garden, like the one we have created at Mulberry Court, offers beauty, nature and the opportunity to socialise with friends and neighbors, but without the headaches and expense of upkeep that usually come with maintaining extensive grounds.

Our Mulberry Court development, in the heart of Hampton Wick, a stone’s throw from the banks of the Thames will be available soon. If you would like more information, or to be one of the first to see the new apartments, contact our dedicated sales team on 0208 132 4120.